My favourite from Roadmapped

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Hooray! check out the report from the Roadmapped Project- 10 works in 12 days between Oslo and Stavanger.

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Hooray! 15th of July starts the project “Roadmapped”, where I will take videomapping out from the dark dungeons of  the studio and out on the road.During 14 days me and my friend and photographer Tarjei “Willy” Maroder will make 12 spontanious videoinstallations out in the woods, by the sea, in public toilets, urban spaces and whereever I sense the chance to alter the meaning of the place with animation, images and projections. Check out the page from the 15th of july! It´s gonna be a blast!

I forgot to post the result…

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The setup….LCD-screen behind the model to make a background in the scene and a projector in front to paint the light in the scene…


Picture taken top-down of the miniature-scene. Funky color distortion made my to slow hertz!


Scene front on. For this test (i didn´t finish it…) I used two small architectural-model-people. Röyksopp got nothing to do with the test. I just needed a bandname on the sign…

Bye Bye!

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I´m planning to merge my portfolio-site,, with So soon I will bomb this page with “new” material. I probably have to re-design this page and make it a bit more clean, with categories and lots of buttons! In the meantime, please visit It´s a lot of nice stuff there…

Krabat Kabaret

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(click image for hi-res)

A poster I made today for a kindergarden where one of my friends work. Painted with my Wacom Cintique. Ah! What a wonderful tool the Cintique is!

Projection painting sketch

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Yesterday I went through my miniature material box, and found this baby head. I used it a couple of years ago for the design of an album cover that didn´t get the green light. So now it´s time for the baby head to shine again. This is the sketch for the projections I will use on the head and the miniature ground. It´s all being built up in front of a LCD-screen. This way I can project the drawings on the models and at the same time paint the background on the LCD-screen. The whole idea with this set-up is to build and paint everything in front of the camera. When I´ve taken a picture I will not do anything with it besides adjusting the levels.. just like I did with the wolves..

Here is the baby head I will use, in front of the LCD-screen.


Here is the (almost finished) album cover that got rejected. The bands name was to be in white on a black sticker on the front. Yes, I know there should be wires between the telephone poles..




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Eatersplakat01_liten A2 poster I´m working on for the norwegian rock band “Eaters”. I will finish it this weekend. The drawing is made with pen and pencil. The bottom part will be black, and the band will write the info with white pen. That will look great…I hope…


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WALLED from Dot Voxel on Vimeo.


“Walled” is a light- and sound installation which makes use of video mapping to create an oversized LED wall made of circular cardboard plates. The images are being projected in the rhythm of the sound and acts on a restless encounter between two technologies, where the analog imitates the digital.

I built the wall out of 325 ardboard pieces wich I glued (with the help of my girlfriend) onto a metallic fence borrowed
from a construction site. Then I wired it up with electric cables (also glued on) to make it Iook a bit more electrical and “authentic”.
I used Madmapper to map each piece of cardboard. Supernice!

walled liten

The finished work (click here for a bigger image)


The halo from the projected dots made a really nice shadow/light effect on the wall behind.
(click here for a bigger image)


A lot of dead pixels


Keep it leveled!

Sonja Henie – Queen of the Ice

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In november I finished my work with the musical “Sonja Henia – Queen of the Ice” produced by the theatre group Bærmuda.
The show ran for 8 shows over a 14 days period in Bærum Kulturhus, Norway in november.
It was a real challenge technically with a lot of head busts. The set-up was 3 projectors covering a huge curved stage design and two vertical banners.
The first challenge was to get the projectors close enough to the wall so that the actors didn´t cast shadows on the back wall, and high enough to get the projected images big enough to cover most of the stage.I used my own projectors for this part- 2 x BenqSp840. They are really small but full of juice. 4000ANSI and native 1080p.  They are not professional projectors but they do the trick. I just had to avoid color pictures and focus on a strong, bold black&white feel in the design to get most lumniance as possible.

The two vertical banners (made of Sharktooths) was projected with a 8000 ANSI NEC-projector from the back in the hall.

Las Vegas_500.jpg



The video that was projected on the stage and banners was animated in After Effects and rendered out in three parts, one part for each projector, and they  ran from two MacBook Pros and a MacPro.

I played the video clips live from Modul8 on all three computers with a Akai MIDI Controller and routed the video to Madmapper and mapped every projector to the stage design. To get the video triggered simultaneously done with near zero latency, I hooked up the computers to each other via a ethernet switch and adjusted the latency in the MIDI-settings. With this set up I could trigger a button on the MIDI-controller and get instant playback in Modul8 on all three computers.

I know…It´s a bit overkill and sounds like to much work for such a task,  but it was really the only way I could transfer video to all the three projectors over that distance! The NEC-projector was positioned 3 meters from my machines but the other two, suspended over the stage, was 28 meters away!

Las Vegas from Baz on Vimeo.

Animations from the show. Collapsing wall of people and Las Vegas.
( It´s better quality on the video on the vimeo-page…)

Originally I wanted to use just one MacPro with a TripleHead2Go. But to get the signal 28 meters from the computer to the projectors I had to use HDMI-Extenders, and TripleHead do not like extenders. It just didn´t work. So I ended up with two machines sending signal via HDMI-Extenders and Cat5-cables to the suspended projectors.

The rest was a breeze. This was my first run on live playback of videos on que and I was super exited about it. It turned out just fine. I just made some small blunders here and there at the first shows. At the end of the show the instructor wanted some text to appear on one of the banner. A quote from a norwegian artist. Hehe… i missed an “E” in it but managed to type it in live in Modul8 just before I faded it out. I wonder if anyone noted the type error- or even better if they noted the live correction!